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Outcomes of training at Newcastle University

Name:  Mileiko Serhii, 5th year master student, Drozd Myroslav, 1st year postgraduate student.

Home University:  Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU).

Place of traning:  Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Date of traning: 17.11.2011 – 17.12.2011

Supervisors:  Prof. A. Yakovlev, Newcastle University, Prof. A. Drozd, ONPU

The task: 

  1. To get acquainted with the research in field of the Energy-Modulated Computing and to connect it with subject of Diagnostics of Digital Components of Computer Systems.
  2. To investigate the errors, which occur in digital components in case of using the energy-saving technologies

The work done:

  1. The subject of Energy-Modulated Computing developed in Newcastle University by prof. A. Yakovlev was studied.
  2. We studied the errors arising in the multiplier, which was built on the PLD, used in low power modes. The investigations were performed on the Altera DE1 design kit. Because of the inability to lower the level of the energy consumption in DE1, the digital component was investigated in conditions of limited computation time. Reducing the computation time has influence similar to slowing down the calculations with decreasing power of digital components..

We designed and investigated a scheme in which the results of multiplication with reduced computation time were compared with the correct results. The scheme allows to count the number of errors and to maintain the correct and erroneous results, when the errors occur, for their analysis.
The experiments were performed with different input data flows: sequential, reverse sequential, sequential with different steps, random. We compared the errors at the outputs of several devices operating in parallel.

The results of traning: Interests in the diagnosis of digital components of computer systems were expanded in the area of the Energy-Modulated Computing. We obtain experience in researching of digital components in the low power modes. Detected that errors, which occur in multiplier with limited computation time, are arithmetic, obtained depending of the number of positive and negative errors on the modes of computing time limits.

Implementation/approbation of the results: The results of research were presented on the International Academic Conference of Young Scientists and students "Modern Information Technology  2012" and will be published in the scientific journal "Electro-technical systems and components. Furthermore, the results of the researches will be presented in the Master student's qualifying work.

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