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Outcomes of training at London City University


Name:  Valentina Zhadan (Master student).

Home University: Poltava National technical university named after Yuri Kondratiuk.

Place of traning:  London City University, Center of Software Reliability, London, UK

Date of traning: 13.02.2012 – 16.03.2012

Supervisors:  Dr. Peter Popov

The task: 

In general case the task was to translate the researched model, developed using apparatus of Markov stochastic processes, into the equivalent model that uses Mobius components. So it was necessary to construct the system operating graph using Mobius components in the way to preserve all expressive advantages of Markov apparatus formalism. The following step was to perform few experiments on the developed model to assess the needed parameter. At last it was needed to analyze the achieved research results and to formulize summaries.  
The work consisted of the following main steps:

  1. To present the defined system operation graph, described using Markov modeling apparatus into the equivalent that uses Mobius component -– Atomic Models. The task was archived by dividing the graph into logical parts (fragments) and presenting them using SANs primitive objects: places, activities, input gates, and output gates.
  2. Composing of described Atomic models into one system by sharing the common states between them. The Compose component was used on this step
  3. 3. Set the computation process aim using Reward formalism. Setting the process of availability function calculation.
  4. Set of the numerical parameters values taking into account process of failure and failure recovery rates change during system operation process. The Study component was used on this step.
  5. To make the simulation of the system directly on several experiments using Mobius component solver.
  6. To analyze the results and make conclusions.

The results of traning: The results of the research allowed us to formulate conclusions about the possibilities, keeping in mind the accuracy of results, ease of use and output the information, the use of investigated software in case of our task.  Research are the part of the final qualifying thesis. Also, before starting the internship, an official license from the January 26, 2012 for Mobius software use was received.

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