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Outcomes of training at Institute of the National Research Council of Italy


Name:  Oleg Illiashenko, Master student.

Home University:  National Aerospace University named after N.E.Zhukovsky "KhAI".

Name: Sergii Parfenov, Master student

Home University: Khmelnitsky National University

Place of traning:  The institute of Information Science and Technologies of National Research Council (ISTI-CNR), Pisa, Italy

Date of traning: November, 23 –December, 22, 2011

Supervisors:  Prof. Stefania Gnesi, Dr. Mario Fusani, Dr. Francesca Di Giandomenico (ISTI-CNR), Prof Oksana Pomorova (Khmelnitsky National University)

The task: 

To develop a functionality of Restrictive Signal Confirmation Button that is usually employed in Automatic Train Protection systems using Model-Based Development approach. A model of RSC button that implements requirements was realized in IBM "Rational Rhapsody 7.6 Developer Edition for C" using Functional C profile (functional model of application using constructs such as files, functions, state-charts and flow charts).

The results of traning: We obtain the experience in development of critical systems components for railways using MDD approach. We adopted code generation rules from various regulatory documents and learned source code constructs for safety-critical systems development. The results of trainee formed the basis of practical research of Oleg Illiashenko MS diploma. The results of trainee were published in Khmelnitsky National University Scientific Journal as a scientific article "Use of IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer environment for development of software in accordance with compliance". The process of software model development using IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer according to requirements, model testing for requirements compliance and automatically generated code verification using Understand Source Code Analysis and Metrics and PVS-studio are described.


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