PC2 - Scalable diversity-based technologies for safety-critical applications

Responsible: Dr A. Volkoviy  - National Aerospace University "KhAI", Kharkov (UA)

Brief Contents: 

PCM2.1 Requirements to application of diversity in safety-critical systems (requirements of international standards (IAEA, ECSS, SENELEC, etc) to application of diversity; concepts and limitations of diversity application; taxonomy of diversity; experience of diversity application in different safety-critical systems)

PCM2.2 Project decisions for multi-version systems (evolution of multi-version systems designing; architectures of multi-version software- and FPGA-based systems; systems with multi-version redundancy)

PCM2.3 Technologies of diversity-based safety-critical systems development (features of diversity-based development for different safety-critical applications; generation and selection of versions for software- and FPGA-based systems; techniques of multi-version safety-critical systems development and integration)

PCM2.4 Technologies of multi-version systems assessment and verification (problems of diversity assessment; sources of data for diversity assessment; expert, metrics and probabilistic methods of assessment diversity and multi-version systems; tools and technologies of multi-version systems verification).


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