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PC1- Formal methods-based technologies for safeware

Responsible: Dr O.Tarasyuk  - National Aerospace University "KhAI", Kharkov (UA)

Brief Contents: 

PCM1.1 Analysis of advanced formal methods for safeware engineering (classification of formal methods and systems; base formal notations analysis; application areas of advanced formal methods)

PCM1.2 Formal methods-oriented technologies of development (B and Event B notation-based methods; VDF notation; use of formal methods for different critical applications)

PCM1.3 Formal methods-oriented quality assurance technologies (model-checking approach; formal methods of verification; formal methods of reliability and criticality assessment formal methods of quality processes assessment and assurance)

PCM1.4 Integrated application of formal methods in critical systems (review of formal methods application in critical systems; compatibility of advanced formal methods and classical techniques).

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