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MC5 - Distributed critical systems and infra-structures

Responsible: Prof A. Skatkov  - Sevastopol National Technical University, Sevastopol (UA)

Brief Contents: 

MCM5.1 Foundations of "system of systems" engineering (concept of "system of systems"; critical networks and IT- infrastructures; principles of analysis, development and re-engineering; taxonomy of measures)

MCM5.2 Modeling and development of critical IT-infrastructures (mathematical modeling and simulation of networks and infrastructures; methods of decision-making in critical IT-infrastructures; application of GRID, Data mining and Clouding computing technologies for critical IT-infrastructures development)

MCM5.3 Survivability of computer networks and IT-infrastructures (taxonomy and models of
survivability; survivability measures; methods of survivability assessment; development of
survivable systems and networks)

MCM5.4 Evolvable systems (taxonomy of dependability and evolvability; concepts of resilience and resilient systems; dynamical fault-tolerant and intrusion-tolerant systems; methods and techniques of resilience ensuring).

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