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MC4 - Service-oriented business-critical systems and technologies

Responsible: Dr A. Gorbenko  - National Aerospace University "KhAI", Kharkov (UA)

Brief Contents: 

MCM4.1 Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and architecting (concept of SOA and SOA-based systems; application of SOA in business-critical systems; advanced technologies for SOA-based systems development or integration)

MCM4.2 Web-measurement for dependable SOA-based systems (problems of uncertainty, variation and probabilistic nature of SOA components and SOA-based systems parameters; concepts of Web-measurement; analysis of tools for Web-measurement; techniques and experience of Web-measurement)

MCM4.3 Methods and technologies of web-composing for business-critical systems (principles of vertical and horizontal composition; methods of improving quality, functionality and dependability of SOA-based systems; middleware-based SOAs)

MCM4.4 Tools for SOA-based systems development and re-engineering (criteria of SOA-based systems development and re-engineering; techniques and tools of development, re-engineering and experimental research).

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