MC2 - High availability systems and technologies

Responsible: Dr O. Odaruschenko  - Poltava National Technical University, Poltava (UA)

Brief Contents: 

MCM2.1 Foundations of high availability systems (concept of high availability systems; high availability level (HAL)-scale; HA-, CA- and GA- technologies; base models and measures)

MCM2.2 Architecting of high availability computer systems (kinds of used redundancy; fault-tolerance operation cycle; review of high availability architectures; techniques of high availability computer systems architecting)

MCM2.3 Assessment of high availability of computer-based systems and networks (high availability systems as systems with variable parameters; markov's and semi-markov's models; tools for simulation of high availability computer-based systems and networks)

MCM2.4 High availability systems management (goals and strategies of management; self-managing high availability systems; optimization of dependability management processes).

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