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MC1- Safeware engineering foundations

Responsible: Prof V. Kharchenko  - National Aerospace University "KhAI", Kharkov (UA)

Brief Contents: 

MCM1.1 Foundations of system safety (the nature of risk in modern society; safety critical areas; human errors and risk; basic definitions, models, measures; risk analysis foundations; elements of comparativistic analysis)

MCM1.2 Safeware analysis program (hazard analysis models and techniques; requirement analysis; hardware, software, human-based components hazard analysis; comparative safety systems analysis: NPP instrumentation and control systems; on-board aerospace systems, medical information-analytical systems, etc)

MCM1.3 Safeware design program (design processes for safety; design of human-machine interface; design modification and maintenance; methods of hazard and damage reduction; managing safety; safety culture)

MCM1.4 Safeware verification program (static and dynamical analysis; independent verification and validation).


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